Our spa uses a Unique tools and technique to treat Rosacea skin


About 3 years ago I saw my family Doctor about the blotchy redness on my cheeks, nose and chin area, which were also dry, and itchy. My Doctor prescribed a tetracycline antibiotic both orally and topically for my face. It helped, but I still had flare-ups. I believed that hot flashes during menopause certainly weren’t helping and had perhaps even caused this aggravation. The tetracycline made me sensitive to sunlight and I had to wear protective clothing and a hat all summer long. My Doctor sent me to a Dermatologist and I began using Metro gel, later switching to Metro cream which was less ‘drying’. I avoided the ‘triggers’ like hot showers, spicy food, red wine, etc. Then I tried IPL, intense pulse laser treatments which had been successful for other Rosacea patients. Sometimes it seemed better, but the most soothing part of the treatment was the icy cold gel applied before the lasering, and the moisturizing after. I was apprehensive about possible irreversible damage done while cauterizing the tiny capilliaries just under the skins surface (although a lowered setting was used at first). This treatment was repeated every 4 weeks for 5 months, then I stopped as it was quite expensive. I started to use a little more face camouflage makeup as I went along this road. Then, this past fall I began a program of 6 treatments (2-3 weeks apart) using mild microdermabrasion and cold laser. I was much more comfortable with the relaxing, cold, non-destructive nature of this treatment than the ‘hotter’ IPL. The soothing vitamin masks felt wonderful. It definitely reduced redness, blotchiness and pore size (even in High School I had large pores!). Medically, this treatment has been effective for my itchy, burning Rosacea so I am using far less Metrocream and a bonus cosmetically is that my skin is rejuvenated and feels soft and moisturized, and even shows fewer wrinkles! Next week I will complete my 6th visit and I’m sure I will be looking forward to a follow up ‘maintenance’ visit now and then.

Thank you for your expertise and kindness in helping me deal with my condition safely and painlessly. Diann

June 20, 2013


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