Brazilian Waxing

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Come in and try our Nufree hair removal treatment!

• Nufree never sticks to the skin.
• Nufree is antibacterial/antimicrobial it is safe, clean and germ free.
• Nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body.
• Nufree doesn’t dry and can be easily removed at any time!
• Nufree is clinically tested and uses no animal products.

Currently Brazilian waxing is only available for women at Bellevue Massage Spa.

Nufree is the gold standard in hair removal.

It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. Nufree is a safe and gentle, it never burns the skin because Nufree is applied at a temperature close to your body temperature. It is so safe that it is acceptable for presurgery situations. These are just a few of the reasons why Nufree is the most effective hair removal treatment in the world.

Accept no substitutes… Nufree is the best for solution for hair removal!


What is the difference between a Brazilian Wax, Bikini Wax, Extended Bikini Wax and the Sphinx wax?

Throughout the past few years people are trying to get fancy with their names but waxing is waxing and not everyone does waxing the same.

Some salons offer a Brazilian Wax but only remove the hair from the outside like a deep Bikini Wax.  Others that perform Brazilians don’t wax the bum.  It’s hard to know what you are going to get when you go to a salon.

At Bellevue Massage and Spa, we offer 1 type of Brazilian Wax which is the whole enchilada! Front to back, side to side and everything in-between. If you want to leave a little strip we can do that but for the most part everyone wants it all off!  That’s our Brazilian.  No worries when you come here.

Does getting a Brazilian Wax Hurt?

The answer is NO!  Don’t believe everything you find on the Internet about Brazilian waxing because we are not sure how many are true and how many are made up.

At our spa I can tell you it does not hurt but it is a little uncomfortable the second the hair is removed.  That is it.  We specialize in Brazilians and we are as comfortable as it gets so relax!  You are in good hands.

All of our clients agree that the discomfort was not nearly as much as they thought.  Most agree it was not bad at all, and ALL agree it was worth it not to have to shave anymore.

What sanitary measures do you take at your salon?

This is a great question!  We are meticulous when it comes to sanitation.  Here are some of the precautions we take and why:

  • We never use the same applicator twice.  Each and every time our waxing applicator touches your skin to apply the wax, it is thrown away.  This is to avoid cross contamination.
  • We always use sanitary bed coverings.
  • We use hospital grade sanitation for all our instruments like tweezers.

What can I do to make my waxing more comfortable?

We have heard that clients receive a very comfortable service after they take 1 or 2 pain relievers 1 hour prior to their waxing service.  You are more then welcome to try this if you like.

Does Brazilian waxing get easier?

YES!  Each time you wax it becomes less & less uncomfortable.  Most people agree that their 2nd Brazilian wax was not uncomfortable at all.  Maintenance is the key.  If you maintain your waxing, you will never have pain again associated with waxing.

Do you take extra care with first time waxing customers?

YES!  We understand that your first time getting waxed, especially a Brazilian, can be a little nerve racking.  We take extra time to explain what we are doing and why.  We also remove the hair is very small strips and ask about pain tolerance and level to maximize your comfort.

How old do I need to be to receive a Brazilian wax?

We DO NOT perform Brazilian Waxing on anyone under the age if 18.  Sorry

Why should I come to you than going to another salon?

It is a very difficult service to perform due to the fact that the hair grows in many directions and it is an extremely technical procedure.  We are specialized in Brazilian waxing and perform about 25-40 per week in our salon. You will be very happy with our service.  Oh… and our price is right as well!

Can’t I just get my Brazilian done at a nearby spa or a salon?

You can certainly get your Brazilian wax done anywhere that will provide it; HOWEVER, there are a few things you should know. Most places do not offer Brazilian waxing for a good reason.

  1. It is much more difficult to perform then a simple leg or underarm.
  2. The hair grows in many different directions and can be VERY uncomfortable if removed wrong.
  3. Most aestheticians are not formally trained in Brazilian waxing.
  4. Most have picked it up from a video tape.
  5. They use the wrong wax, incorrect removal method, unsanitary procedures and simply do not do enough of them to be good.
  6. They are more expensive.

Is it unhealthy to remove your pubic hair?

A question I get once in a while.  The answer is NO!  We don’t know why we have pubic hair!  It does not keep us warm and it does not protect us.  It seems as though the prevailing theory relates to pheromones — scents that the body produces that can be sexually stimulating to others.  In prehistoric days this might have been useful but today serves no purpose at all!

Another theory is that it signals a person of the opposite sex that you are ready to take on a partner for reproduction.  Once again, not very useful in today’s day and age.  In short, all the research by the greatest minds in the world STILL cannot figure out why we have pubic hair.  To date, we have not found any factual evidence that removing your pubic hair is unhealthy in any way.

What do I wear during my waxing?

Disposable g-string is always available for you to wear during your waxing. We do our best to preserve your modesty at all times and still give you a flawless waxing service!  If you come in for just a bikini wax and not a Brazilian, you will always be given a disposable g-string.

Do I have to get in all kinds of wacky positions during my Brazilian waxing?

NO!  We have many different ways to remove all the hair during your Brazilian wax.  This will depend on your body type.  You can be certain that you will not have to get in any wacky positions.

NOTE:  We never ask you to flip over and get on all 4’s.  This is a practice done in most salons and we strongly disagree with this technique.   It is embarrassing and quite frankly humiliating to the client.

Is there a certain time of the month that is better for me to get waxed?

YES! It is best to be in the center of your cycle.  A few days before or after will make it a bit more sensitive for some women.  Most women will not notice a difference.

I’m shy, will I be able to get a Brazilian wax?

YES YOU CAN!  If you’re embarrassed about getting waxed, try to remember, we are professionals. Please keep in mind that what might seem personal to you is a routine day at the office for us.  We do our best to maintain your privacy and make you as comfortable as possible.

I’m overweight.  Can I still get a Brazilian Wax?

YES YOU CAN!  We are experienced in waxing overweight clients as well as small to medium framed clients.

Is Waxing Seasonal?

No!  People who get Brazilian like the feeling of having ZERO hair with ZERO stubble, razor burn or irritation.  This is why almost all of our customers continue year round.  This also minimizes the discomfort associated with waxing.  It gets faster and more comfortable after each waxing.


DO NOT use tanning beds for at least 24 hours.
Because when you get waxed it exfoliates the area and removes all the dead skin that provides a layer of protection from sunburn.  You need to give your skin at least 24 hours (48 hours if possible) to regenerate its protection.  Compulsory!

DO NOT take hot shower or bath for at least 12 hours.
Because after waxing your hair follicle is left open, it makes that area susceptible to hot water entering the open hair follicle during a shower or bath which will irritate the area and create discomfort.  Once your follicles close you can return to your normal bathing routine.

DO NOT touch the waxed area for at least 6 hours.
Directly after waxing your hair follicle is left open.  This makes it susceptible to infection from touch.  Fingernails are the biggest carrier of germs.  If germs get into your open hair follicle it can cause irritation and in extreme cases infection.  Give the hair follicle at least 6 hours to close.

DO NOT have intimate contact in the waxed area for at least 6 hours.
Use your judgment but remember rubbing and perspiration can cause irritation. This will be more of an issue after your first Brazilian wax.  If you get waxed on a regular basis irritation will be less likely.

DO NOT wear super tight clothing for 12 hours.
This can be a judgment call by you but the rubbing of super tight clothing can cause irritation. Should this happen wear looser clothing until the irritation go away.

DO NOT do heavy exercising for at least 24 hours. 
Rubbing and perspiration can cause irritation. If you exercise, perspiration will enter the open hair follicle and irritate the area.  Give it a day or so before resuming your exercise routine.

More Information

I feel little tiny hairs after my waxing.  What is that? SEE THE CHART BELOW.

brazilian waxing bellevue spa

All the hair above the skin was removed and very little if any of that hair was broken during your waxing.  The hair is also checked when removed to see if the root was removed as well.  The first 2 illustrations show the hair in the ANAGEN (growth) phase.  That is hair right below the skin getting ready to come up.  If you feel any hair above the skin, this is what you are feeling.  This new hair growth will be very fine and not stubbly at all.  This was not able to be removed because it was NOT above the skin yet.  This will minimize and be eliminated after additional waxes.

My Brazilian wax will last how long?

Your Brazilian wax should last between 2 to 3 weeks before you see any hair growth.  You will probably see hair growth a little sooner after your 1st Brazilian due to the hair growth cycles.  After you get waxed a few times you will notice the hair takes longer to re-grow.  This is due to the fact that you have hair growing in many different growth cycles before you get waxed.  These cycles change when you get waxed and allow for longer time periods between waxing.

The redness to go away after how long?

The redness after a Brazilian wax should go away in a few hours but may last up to a few days depending on how sensitive your skin is.  This is all based on your skin type.  Customers with sensitive skin will stay red longer then customers without sensitive skin.  If the waxed area is irritated make sure you re-read the “DO NOT” section above.

What are the white dots that look like whiteheads?

That is your body’s defense mechanism reacting to the hair follicle being removed.   This is a common occurrence and should subside in a day or so.  This actually means your hair has been removed directly from the root and will not re-grow for a long time.  Some people get these white dots but most don’t.  That should not happen on your 2nd waxing as your body adjusts to the waxing.

Do I have to shave in between appointments?

NO.  When you shave you cause the hair to grow thicker and can cause ingrown hairs.  Waxing changes the structure of the hair and causes the hair to grow back softer and finer.  Regular waxing and proper maintenance ensures soft skin, fine hair and less ingrown.

My next appointment should be scheduled when?

To properly maintain your Brazilian wax, appointments are recommended between 4 to 5 weeks.

Am I able to call for a last minute appointment?

Yes, but you may not get the day and time that is most convenient for you.  If you contact us 1 to 2 weeks ahead of time you will be more likely to get the time and day you want.

Is the 2nd Brazilian be easier then my first?

Yes, you will notice considerably less hair the second time.  It also grows back weaker and finer.  This combination creates a much easier waxing experience.

Does my 2nd Brazilian last longer than my first one?

Yes, due to your hair growth cycles, your second and third Brazilian wax will last up to a week longer before any hair grows back.  The more you get waxed the easier it gets and the longer it lasts

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