Customized Facial with Brow Wax Special (FOR FIRST CLIENT ONLY)

Get a customized facial using the best botanicals, serums and peptides for your skin type and skin condition. Choose 1, 2 or 3 peptides.






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Customized Facial Options:

Each year as  we age, fine lines known as winkles appear under our eyes and face.  If left untreated, these lines becomes deeper and deeper and more difficult to treat which is why we need the help of a professional skincare expert to help us use the treatment that best match our skin type and skin conditions so that we can slow down the process of losing collagen and aging.

To avoid premature aging, it is recommended that we have a monthly maintenance facial performed by a skincare professional that studies skin and knows skin, someone  who can advise us how to achieve the best results of our skin.

If you feel that your skin looks dried out, wrinkled, discolored or has enlarged pores, call us so that we can assess your skin and help you through the repairing process. We do this everyday for many clients and want to help you with your skin.

Each luxurious 60-minute treatment is just the thing your skin craves.  A deep cleanse, followed by invigorating exfoliation, application of a clarifying mask, then a hydrating moisturizer and a soothing massage of the face, all to give your skin that flushed, fresh and healthy look it deserves.

Why not give your skin the attention it’s needs with one of  Three Customized Facial Options:

  • $69 for a Peptide Youthful Facial  or one Ultimate Age Defying facial (up to a $149 value)
  • $129 for two Peptide Youthful Facials or two Ultimate Age Defying facials (up to a $298 value)
  • $199 for three Peptide Youthful Facials or three Ultimate Age Defying facials (up to a $447 value)

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