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Skin Rejuvenating Facial Package using the next generation of Microdermabrasion Technology followed by Cool Light with Micro-Current.

Results include smoother skin, tighter pores, reduced redness (Rosacea), decreased in fine line and wrinkles, aids in Acne reduction and prevention. Call for your Free 15 min trial. Results are visible after one treatment!

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Option1: Sapphire Microdermabrasion Facial
$100.00/ ½ hr
$50.00/ ½ hr (First-Time Clients)

Skin Rejuvenating Facial Package using the next generation of Microdermabrasion Technology
Bellevue Massage and Spa is offering the unique opportunity to experience a skin rejuvenating package using the cutting edge microdermabrasion technology. The Sapphire microdermabrasion will be offered as part of a three-step treatment, during which dry and wet abrasion is combined with lymphatic drainage.

Option2: Facial Rejuvenation Package
(Includes option1 and micro-current with cool light)
$100/1hr (First-Time Clients)

Skin Rejuvenating Facial Package using the next generation of Microdermabrasion Technology and Cool Light with Micro-Current
Bellevue Massage and Spa is offering the unique opportunity to experience a skin rejuvenating package using the cutting edge microdermabrasion technology. The Sapphire microdermabrasion will be offered as part of a three-step treatment, during which dry and wet abrasion may be combined with lymphatic drainage followed by Cool Light.

Key Benefits
The benefits of this treatment include but not limited to:

  • Allows the skin to be polished and hydrated simultaneously.
  • Renewal of cells and collagen reproduction
  • Helps stimulate muscle toning.
  • Treating the bacteria that causes acne
  • Treats stretch marks
  • Anti-aging through light treatment
  • Helps with body firming and pigmentation
  • Aid to fix Broken Capillaries

Detailed Benefits of Sapphire Microdermabrasion and Cool Light with Micro-Current Treatment

  1. Increases circulation by increasing the formation of new capillaries, which are additional blood vessels that replace damaged ones. New capillaries speed up the healing process in damaged skin by carrying more oxygen as well as more nutrients needed for healing and they can also carry more waste products away.
  2. Stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is a major component of the connective tissue in the skin that creates strength and flexibility. Over time, the collagen levels in our skin decreases, causing wrinkles to form. External factors such as sun damage and smoking can also accelerate the aging process. Collagen is the essential protein uses to repair damage tissue and to replace old tissue. It is the substance that holds cells together and has a high degree of elasticity. By increasing collagen production less scar tissue is formed in damaged tissue.
  3. Diminishes hyper-pigmentation or age spots. The photons of light energy enter areas of hyper-pigmentation and destroy or better disperse the melanin, which is gradually absorbed by the body.
  4. Stimulates fibroblastic activity, which aids in the tissue repair process. Fibroblasts are present in connective tissue and are capable of forming collagen fibers.
  5. Stimulates tissue granulation and connective tissue projections, which are part of the healing process of wounds, ulcers or inflamed tissue.
  6. Stimulates the release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). (ATP) is the major carrier of energy to all cells. Increases in ATP allow cells to accept nutrients faster and get rid of waste products quicker by increasing the energy level in the cell. All food turns into ATP before cells can utilize it. ATP provides the chemical energy that drives the chemical reaction of the cell. Intense light therapy acts as a “photon supplement” to the cells. It allows cells to bypass the normal digestive and respiratory process to acquire energy to repair and the production of life enhancing enzymes.
  7. Increases lymphatic system activity. A large number of lymphatic channels lie directly beneath the skin, and play a significant role in maintaining health and beauty of the complexion. Edema, which is the swelling or natural splinting process of the body, has two basic components. The first is a liquid, which can be evacuated by the blood system, and the second is comprised of proteins, which have to be evacuated by the lymphatic system. Research has shown that the lymph vessel diameter and the flow of the lymph system can be doubled with the use of intense light therapy. The venous diameter and the arterial diameter are also increases. This means that both parts of edema (liquid and protein) can be evacuated at a much faster rate. Lymphatic drainage helps the lymphatic systems function more efficiently by facilitating toxin removal and improving skin circulation. The result: healthier, glowing skin and a more beautiful complexion.
  8. Stimulates acetylcholine release, which regulates parasympathetic effects such as resting respiration rate, heartbeat, digestive process and vascular tissue dilation.
  9. Increases phagocytosis, which is the process of scavenging for and ingesting dead or degenerated cells by phagocyte cells for the purpose of cleanup. This is an important part of infection fighting process. Destruction of the infection and cleanup must occur before the healing process can take place.
  10. Induces a thermal-like effect in the tissue even though there is little heat produced by Cool light, the photons do raise the temperature of the tissue enough to kill or disable temperature sensitive bacteria and viruses.
  11. Increases RNA and DNA synthesis, which helps older or damaged cells, be replaced faster

Step 1 & 2: Sapphire Microdermabrasion Facial
Sapphire abrasion uses a next generation abrasion technique that utilizes vibration to ablate the outermost layers of the skin. The vibration technique (as opposed to suction) is able to deliver much more aggressive and effective abrasion than the traditional methods. This treatment is proven to be effective on all skin types.

Traditionally the limited size of the grit used in the traditional suction microdermabrasion often leads to clogging of the pores. In contrast, Sapphire abrasion operates using much lower grit, which exfoliates approximately 175 to 250 microns of the stratum corneum preventing possible clogging. During the treatment the type of the grit will be selected based on the skin type and conditions.

Following a dry abrasion, a wet abrasion is performed using a hydrating gel. And finally, a lymphatic drainage massage will be performed with the tip’s reverse side. Motion changes from vibration to a pendular movement provide maximum results.

Step 3: Add on Services

  • Concentrated red and blue monochromatic light, coupled with micro-current, are complementary treatments that can be scheduled after lymphatic drainage.
  • Red light is good for cell renewal and collagen production. This stimulates production of adenosine diphosphate (ATP), expediting replacement of older or damaged cells. High frequency micro current is also incorporated in the red light device, which helps stimulate muscle toning.
  • Blue light treatment calms the skin down following the cells have become excited by the red light, bringing them down to their normal level; this provides an extra molecule of oxygen, which promotes healing. In addition, blue light is the latest and most sought after solution for treating the bacteria that causes acne.


Cool Light with Micro-current Treatment
Cool Light is a Low level light therapy device which applies low powered light to stimulate biological processes in the skin and tissues. Just as plants exposed to sub light synthesized carbohydrates by photosynthesis, cool light stimulates the formation and release of our bodies own chemical compounds. In low level light therapy, the infrared light energy has a stimulating effect on tissues because it increases cellular energy and activity.

Cool light stimulates the production of collagen, the most common protein found in the body, and stimulates the lymphatic flow, helping to eliminate toxins and excess fluids from the tissues. Studies have shown that the diameter of lymph vessels and accompanying lymph flow can be doubled with the use of light therapy. This increases the activity of the fibroblasts in the connective tissue and help form collagen. Light therapy aids in the natural repair process, stimulating proper tissue granulation and correcting inflamed tissues. Low level light therapy is an effective therapy that works in harmony the body’s own healing and pain reveling mechanisms. There are no harmful side effects from this type of light therapy.

What is the advantage of this treatment?

  • Non-invasive – No general or local anesthetic required and skin is not penetrated
  • No damage to skin’s surface – Eliminates the need for post procedure wound care and down time
  • No harsh chemicals – Eliminates the risk of adverse reaction and damage to your skin
  • Discreet – No visible signs that you’ve had the procedure done other than the positive result
  • Visible results – Lines face, age spots diminish and blend while the color and tone improves
  • No pain – Enough sensation to tell that the procedure is happening, but it’s not painful
1. Is this treatment safe for you?

Forty years of intense research from Switzerland, lead to the development of an Aesthetic device called the Sapphire Microdermabrasion.

The unique technology uses no suction on the skin, particle free, and delivers deeper exfoliation with greater comfort and no patient downtime. Currently, many of the skincare facilities in Europe and New York are benefiting from this technology.  It incorporates lymphatic drainage, Sapphire Microdermabrasion and is safe for all skin types. Additionally, add a Cool Light treatment for immediate results.

2. Who will benefit from this treatment?
Clients looking for anti-Aging therapy, Rosacea & Acne treatments (all skin types and conditions).

3. What is Cool Light Therapy?
Cool Light Therapy is an effective therapy that works in harmony with the body’s own healing and pain relieving mechanisms. There are no harmful side effects from cool light therapy.

Treatment Duration

  • Treatment takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes for a single Sapphire Microdermabrasion and Cool Light and Micro-Current treatment.

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