Trios FAQs

Is Trios™ right for me?

Trios™ treats the most widely requested of aesthetic applications including long term hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, acne clearance and skin pigmentation treatments that target sun damage and age spots.

Does it hurt?

Any phototherapy treatment involves slight discomfort. Sensitivities are individual and most patients describe the sensation as a rubber band snap. Trios™ offers unrivalled comfort and minimal pain in phototherapy procedures. Prior to the treatment, your patients can apply a cooling gel to the treatment area only a slight sting may be felt.

Are there any side effects?

Some patients may experience slight redness or a burning sensation in the treatment area. This is a completely normal response and usually disappears within a few hours. Aloe vera gel may be applied post treatment to cool the skin. Most patients experience no additional side effects.

How many treatments are required?

Long-Term Hair Removal – A treatment course consists of 6-10 treatments (depending on the treatment area) at 4-6 week intervals. After the third or fourth treatment session, intervals may be extended to once every 2-3 months, depending on rate of hair re-growth. Maintenance treatments may be recommended once every 6 months. Skin Rejuvenation – A treatment course generally consists of 4-6 treatments (depending on the symptoms treated) at 3-4 week intervals. Maintenance treatments may be performed as necessary once every 6 months. Acne Clearance – A treatment course generally consists of 8-12 treatments (depending on the severity of the symptoms and the patient’s progress) at 2 treatments per week.

What does the treatment involve?

After the initial consultation, a test patch procedure will be performed to determine suitability for treatment and to evaluate the ideal treatment program. The practitioner and patient are provided with eye protection during the test and gel is applied to the treatment area. Using the specific Trios hand piece, pulses are emitted on the skin; patients may feel a slight burning or tingling sensation. As some patients are more sensitive than others, aloe vera gel may be applied if the skin reddens.

 When will results be seen?

In the hair removal application, patients will notice a thinning of the hair 2-3 weeks after the first treatment. Percentage of hair growth is normally reduced by 20% after each treatment. When treating aged skin with the Skin Rejuvenation application, immediate post treatment results are evident. However, collagen remodeling continues over time and results improve up to 2-3 weeks post treatment. Acne treatments show a significant reduction in breakouts and improved skin condition after 2-4 treatments.