Acne Laser Treatments

June 20, 2013

Acne – Painful pustule eruptions of the skin Pills, creams and soaps. The shelves are stocked with treatments and solutions that promise clear healthy skin. But for acne sufferers most of those promises are left unfulfilled. Fortunately, new developments in science and technology, especially in the area of Photo-Thermolysis, have enabled us to take a whole new […]

Dr. Belter Cosmetics


The comprehensive program of DR.BELTER® products is divided into 11 different care lines. Each line can be easily identified by its colour. View the luxurious Champagne Facial Video intelligent care for young skin This basic skin care line, with gentle, biological ingredients offers protective care and well-being for unproblematic and young skin. It consists of economical products […]

Our spa uses a Unique tools and technique to treat Rosacea skin


  About 3 years ago I saw my family Doctor about the blotchy redness on my cheeks, nose and chin area, which were also dry, and itchy. My Doctor prescribed a tetracycline antibiotic both orally and topically for my face. It helped, but I still had flare-ups. I believed that hot flashes during menopause certainly […]

Glycolic Acid for Your Skin

October 25, 2011

Glycolic acid is a multi-purpose ingredient in skin care products. Glycolic acid can be found in numerous cosmetics products ranging from skin lotions, to acne gels, to facial peels. As such, glycolic acid is an invaluable part of a successful skin care routine.

How to Prevent Acne Breakouts

Acne can be an embarrassment for anyone, at any time. Over 85% of people experience acne sometime during their lifetime. As with many other health issues, most people wait until the acne has erupted on their face before it is treated.

What is Rosacea?

October 21, 2011

Rosacea is a vascular disorder aggravated by flushing of the skin with blood. It is a common skin condition that occurs in adults.

Skin in a Follicular Congestion Inflamed State

When sebum, corneocytes, hair, etc begins to mass in the follicle and does not move to the surface naturally, the follicle is considered to be congested. Typically this is an acne situation, but milia can also congest the follicles and it is not considered an acne lesion. Follicular Congestion – Inflamed Will have one of […]