What are functional ingredients?

Functional Ingredients cause the actual changes in the appearance of the skin. Examples include glycerin which hydrates the ski surface; alphahydrosxy acid(AHA), which exfoliate the corneum, resulting gin a smoother look for sun-damaged skin; and lipids, which help patch the skin’s barrier.

FDA does not officially approve any skin care product or cosmetic, although it has an expensive, complicated process to approve drugs. FDA regulations for cosmetic labeling state that cosmetic companies must list the company’s name, location or distribution point as well as all the ingredients in the product. This allow the customer to check for ingredients they may be allergic to.

Ingredients must be listed in descending order, starting with the ingredient with the highest concentration and ending with the ingredient with the lowest concentration. An exception is made for ingredients that have a concentration of less than 1% of the formula. These ingredients can be listed in any order.

October 20, 2011


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