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SB Massage Spa offers a full range of skincare products and treatments based on state of the art dermotological science. Our skincare products use scientifically tested ingredients that are proven to produce great results, for skin vitality, firmness, elasticity and collagen production. Our skincare products are made by dermatologist and are plastic surgeon approved.

Our Special Facial Treatments use the finest, proven effective ingredients that are specially designed to detoxify tone and revitalize tired, stressed skin.

Exfoliating gives your skin a healthy, youthful appearance by sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing a youthful and healthy complexion. Exfoliation stimulates collagen production.

Masking is necessary in healthy skin maintenance. Use a mask for skin rehydration and/or deep pore cleanse depending on your skin type. Masks can be used twice or three times per week.

Eye Care is very important. Your eye areas have very delicate skin and are prone to show wrinkles and lines. Take care of these areas to slow down the aging process by nourishing this delicate skin area with products that best suits your skin type and condition.

Green Herbal Treatment For Weight Loss

$49 for 30 minutes treatment Click here to purchase Green wrap it work  


Make Up Make Over

Get a Make Up Make Over! Choose one of our Great Makeup lines. Call 425 443-6125


Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

A Power Boost for your Skin! Our powerful Pumpkin Peel contains essential fatty acids along with Vitamin A & C and over 27 antioxidants that help exfoliat


1st Timer Relaxation Spa Package

Call For Appointment - Phone 425 443-6125 Description Both Massage and Skincare Treatment 30 MIN MASSAGE 30 MIN FACIAL


Vitamin C Signature Face Lift

Beneficial for Skin Type: Aging, Wrinkles, Rough Skin, Uneven Skin Tone, Smokers, Tired and Dull Skin or Oily/Acne skin


AHA and Retinol Booster Face Lift Peel

Skin Type Indications: Pigmentation problems, Rosacea, Aging, Dry/Dehydrated skin


BHA and AHA Face Lift

Resurface, Rejuvenate and Renewal of Collagen


BHA Face Lift

Call For Appointment - Phone 425 443-6125 Benefits: Key Ingredients in this peel that will help your skin


Heavenly Recovery Facial

Facial for post laser, cosmetic surgery skin,or sun damaged skin. 60 minute heavenly therapeutic facial.


Deep Pore Facial

Deep pore facials are essential in facial rejuvenation as the process eliminates skin irritation, remarkably reduces imperfections and retards the aging process.


Oxygen Facial

This unique oxygen, O2, facial enhances the absorption of key minerals, vitamins, and enzymes to improve your skin condition.


European Facial Treatment

This classic European facial treatment detoxifies, tones and revitalizes tired, stressed skin. This treatment includes cleansing, toning, removing dead skin cells and application of a specialized trea


Signature Facial

Our Signature facial is one of a kind, it will penetrate deep into your pores, while cleaning and exfoliating your face.


Gentleman's Facial

Especially designed for a man's skin, our Deep pore cleansing with steam, facial massage and individualized masque for revitalized and refreshed skin.


Acne Facial

The Deep Pore Cleansing Facial is formulated to calm and heal clogged and congested acne skin and to heal and reduce future breakouts.


Rosacea Soothing Facial

This soothing and hydrating treatment brings visual relief and results to congestion and blotchiness through the healing ingredients of green tea leaves and chamomile.


Teenager Facial

This facial is specially designed for Teenage Skin Type (younger skin).


Black Head Be Gone Facial

What are Blackheads? Blackheads are called open comedones. Open comedones are tiny skin openings known as pores which are plugged at the surface of what is called the pilosebaceous unit. This plug


Organic Facial

This facial is for all of you who have asked for pure organic skincare at home and at the spa. All of the products are Certified Organic in this facial.


Prenatal Spa Package

Call For Appointment - Phone 425 443-6125 Description 30 Minute Lower Leg and Foot Rejuvenation T


Microdermabrasion Facial

(Using the Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion)Rejuvenate your skin with a microdermabrasion. Stimulates collagen production, refines pores, evens skin texture and tone.



Call For Appointment - Phone 425 596-3588 Benefits This peel is formulated for all skin types to improve