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These facials are currently trending and are being offered for low prices.


Dramatic results: Control of impurities Anti-recurrence prevention Purification of the epidermis



Dramatic results. Reduces the appearance of: Fine line and wrinkles Devitalized skin Dull and tired complexion


Lifting Treatment

Dramatic results. Reduces the appearance of: Mature skin lacking firmness Fine lines and wrinkles Sagging facial contour Dull dehydrated skin lacking glow


Oxygenating Treatment

Dramatic results. Reduces the appearance of: Dull and bland complexion Mature skin Devitalized skin Skin lacking firmness


Keratolyse Treatement

Dramatic results. Reduces the appearance of: Fine lines and wrinkles Dark spots Acne scars Enlarged pores


Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Causes of Hyperpigmentation: Sun exposure Hormonal changes Heredity Acne


Oily Skin Treatement

Factors influencing Oily Skin: Heredity Diet Hormone levels Pregnancy Birth control pills Cosmetics you use Humidity and hot weather


Dry or Dehydrated Skin Treatement

Factors influencing Dry-Dehydrated Skin: Weather/Environmental Elements Diet Lifestyle Genetics


Sensitive Skin - Rosacea Treatment

Factors influencing Rosacea: Genetic predisposition Smoking or second-hand smoke exposure Prolonged exposure to tanning lamps Exposure to sudden temperature changes Exposure to extreme weath


Anti-Aging Treatment

Nelly De Vuyst® products prevent and improve the effects of aging through a combination of Active Ingredients intended to: Moisturize and rebalance hydration Facilitate exfoliation and remove ex