Hot Stone Massage

Date:November 7, 2011 3:46 am

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Pure essense of relaxing and healing fragrances will heighten your sensory experience!

An incredible experience based on ancient methods. Warm smooth river rocks are glided over the body and left on specific point to penetrate muscles and relieve tension. This will increase circulation, relieve stress and lull you into a deeply relaxed state. Spend an hour and a half in the treatment that is the hottest rage in top day spas around the country. Allow the deep, penetrating heat of volcanic basalt stones melt the tension away.

Relax while the therapist adds heat to the muscles, which enhances relaxation, circulation and healing process of a therapeutic massage. This modality can combine energy work to help balance the body.


Perfect for those wanting a super-deep tissue massage to help stubborn muscles release and relax. The combination of hot cold stone create a relaxing sensation and provide therapeutic value to rid muscle tension.

$130/60 mins

Note: If this is your first time receiving a massage at SB Massage and Spa, please arrive 10 minutes early to complete a required medical profile form.

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