Ormedic Anti Oxidant Serum

A silky, ultra hydrating botanical serum infused with organic Japanese green tea, Aloe Vera and a copper-complex peptide.




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Ormedic Anti Oxidant Serum

4 oz

A silky, ultra hydrating botanical serum infused with organic Japanese green tea, Aloe Vera and a copper-complex peptide. Perfectly absorbed, it
continuously balances your skin from within and lastingly restores its ideal moisture level. Leaves your skin intensely hydrated with a healthy glow.

Apply liberally to cleansed skin daily for restoration and balance.

All skin types Rebalances all skin types
  Restores Hydration
  Nourishes environmentally damaged skin
Morning Evening
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Organic) Soothing, healing, anti inflammator
Olea Europaea Oil (Organic) Botanical Carrier- Moisturizing, softening, very compatible with human skjn.
Stimulates, heals, tones, firms the skin
Sodium Hyaluronate Hydrator. Binds 1000 X in water, a naturally occurring component of skin. Naturally
from vegetable source – sugar beets and soy
Camellia Sinensis- Japanese Green
Tea- (Organic)
Super Anti-Oxidant – prevents DNA damage to the skin
High levels of Polyphenols – abundant in Epigallocatechin Gallate ( EGCg) , 20
times more powerful than Vitamin E. Major Xanthines are theobromine and
theophylline proven clinically to increase the SPF of a sunscreen product, and
protect against UV Damage
Copper Complex An organically bound copper, similar to copper peptide. Cholorphyll from nettles
delivers copper to the skin, accelerates wound healing, cell regeneration and
stimulates elastin and collagen synthesis, has anti-inflammatory properties
Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root And
Haberlea rhodopensis (Yeast) Extract
Plant Derived anti-itching, soothes irritated skin
Yeast extract minimizes dry, sunburned skin and wind chapped skin, Consitutues
include enzymes, vitamins, sugars, and mineral substances,
Anthyllis Vulneraria Flower Extract Botanical “Wound healer” detoxifier, reduces swelling. Normalized both oily, dry
conditions as well as severely irritated skin. Anthyllis has a stimulating and
normalizing effect on the skin
Crithmum Maritimum Extract
(Coastal Marine Fennel)
Anti-Oxidant Free Radical Scavenger
Increases the production of ceramides barrier function and restoration, promotes
cell respiration
Algea Extract and Artemisia vulgaris
extract (Mugwort)
Algea- water-binding properties algae is a potent moisturizer . Contains vital trace
elements, such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper and Silicon, that are decisive for
the metabolic processes of the skin.
Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow Root
Plant extract from althea root, a natural hydroglycolic plant based emollient,
thickener, anti-inflammatory, soothing. Proven to treat sunburns and dry skin

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