Oxygen Facial

Date:November 14, 2011 3:02 am

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The skin is cleansed and toned followed by Circadia Oxygen treatment. This unique oxygen, O2, facial enhances the absorption of key minerals, vitamins, and enzymes to improve your skin condition. Excellent after Microdermabrasion, any chemical peel, herbal peel or a acne treatment.

Oxygen Facial - $100/60 minutes

Note: If this is your first time receiving a skin care service at SB Massage and Spa, please arrive 10 minutes early to complete a required forms.

Be the 1st client to Purchase a facial on the 1st of every month and receive a 1/4 oz of our best selling scrub.

Client's just cant get enough of this product because they love it so much!!!

The ONE product that will solve all our skin concerns

Ask for SB Amazing Scrub, a natural ACID free treatment that is used to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, stimulate circulation, lighten dark spots, and balance the PH all in one!

This product is so effective because it removes dead skin cells from the out layer of the skin surface without damaging the new healthy skin underneath.